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Alopecia can be a very isolating condition – especially if you don’t have any friends or family to commiserate with. However, alopecia affects a wide variety of people and there are lots of organizations that have support groups that can help you deal with the emotional effects of hair loss.

Here are four celebrities that have or have had alopecia and how they turned their condition into a way to inspire others who suffer from alopecia.

1. Christopher Reeve – Unbeknownst to many people, Christopher Reeves actually got alopecia areata at age 16. He even played his most iconic role, Superman, while dealing with the effects of alopecia.

2. Joanna Rowsell – Famed athlete and member of the Great Britain Cycling team, Joanna Rowsell, won the gold medal at the 2012 Cycling World Champions. Joanna was diagnosed with alopecia areata when she was ten years old, and has lived with it for more than a decade. In fact, she credits having alopecia areata as the driving force behind her focus and determination to cycle.

3. Charlie Villanueva – Detroit Pistons player, Charlie Villanueva, found out he had alopecia universalis at age 13. Despite that, he’s built an impressive NBA career while helping educate others on alopecia universalis.

4. Neve Campbell – Actress, Neve Campbell, lost her hair when she was 23, after a strenuous divorce and a period of intense work. Instead of covering it up, she talks about it openly, which is helpful for others who are dealing with hair loss.




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