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It’s the start of Fall and that means one thing: time to update your accessories! This Fall, there’s tons of new trends in handbags, jewelry, and shoes that will make you want to clean out your closet and update your wardrobe with all of the stylish new trends that are making this season one to stand out.

1. Top Knot Handbags

Riffing off of the backpack trend of the late nineties, top knot handbags are a cross between a bucket bag and a satchel. The defining feature, though, is that the handle features a knot at the top or a simple loop, instead of a traditional handle. These bags work well as everyday handbags and can be dressed up or dressed down to meet any occasion.

2. Platform Pumps

It’s official – the 90s are back in a big way. If you were old enough in the mid to late nineties, you definitely remember the focus on sky high platform pumps and over-the-knee boots. If you kept some of those in your closet, then you’ll be fully prepared for this season’s focus on fun and funky platform shoes – from sandals to pumps, and everything in between.

3. Women’s Brogues

Almost the complete opposite of platform pumps, brogues are also back in style – but not for men. Women’s brogues (which are essentially lace-up and slip-on flats dress flats for women) are making a strong comeback. These types of shoes work great for casual outfits or even paired with a business suit for the office.

4. Chains

Whether it’s around your neck or attached to your handbag, chains are a big accessory this Fall that you’ll want to feature in your wardrobe. They had an interesting visual element to bags, and worn as jewelry, they add a level of intrigue to outfits. In fact, they can be worn casually or to add more texture to business attire or evening wear.

5. Fur

Either real or faux, fur on handbags, vests, jackets, and even shoes are all the rage this season. You can find fur flanking everything from snow white clutches to sleek wine colored winter jackets. It’s fun and it adds a great layer of texture to your look.



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