Custom Wig Making Process

Wig Design

by Joseph Fleischer

At Joseph Fleischer, the wig design process is easy and comprehensive.

Our wig designers are expert and compassionate. You will receive individual assistance with empathy and understanding throughout your wig design experience.

A thorough evaluation of your personal hair loss situation is followed by taking measurements, exploring options for hairstyles, and choosing hair blends. We may also make a mold of your head, if necessary.

We require only one consultation before we begin creating your handmade bespoke wig. We are available for house and hospital consultations. We can also work with you remotely.

each hair is affixed individually

Wig Design Process

Joseph Fleischer does not offer pre-made, machine-made, or ready-to-wear wigs or hairpieces.

During your visit to our New York studio, you will meet your personal expert wig designer who will be your guide throughout the process of creating a bespoke wig or hairpiece.

To begin, your wig designer will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. You can discuss your particular expectations and your wig designer will inform you of all the options available for your bespoke wig. Your wig designer will determine the best course of action to address your unique situation.

Precise measurements of the dimensions of your head, scalp, and hairline are recorded to make the custom base cap and foundation for your wig. We may also make a mold of your head, if necessary. We employ a method of taking accurate head and scalp measurements that ensures your wig will be secure and comfortable. We provide the most exceptional materials, textiles, and lace to hand-craft our bespoke foundations and bases. Personal measurements can be kept on file for future orders at your instruction.

Your wig designer will advise you on all aspects of the hair that will be hand-knotted to create your handmade wig.

Together, you will consider hair color, hair texture, hair density, hair length, and hairstyle. Selection and blends may be based on the best match to your natural hair, or you may opt for a new color and style.

Choose from a vast selection of the finest natural hair ethically sourced from all over the world to match any hair type. African, African-American, African-Caribbean, Asian, South Asian, Indian, Native American, European, and Caucasian hair types are all distinct and we match and blend hair type perfectly for every client.

To create a hair blend that reflects the true nature of your hair color and shading, we may use hair samples and photographs provided by you.

After the initial consultation, our artisans create your wig entirely by hand and exclusively for you. We will schedule you for a final appointment, or we can make the arrangements to ship to you directly.

During your final appointment, your wig can be cut and styled while you wear it to complete the process.

During this appointment, you will also learn how to correctly fit your wig on your head, how to properly care for your wig at home, and how to create the hairstyles you want from your wig.

Our Exacting Method

Every Joseph Fleischer wig and hairpiece is made by hand at our studio in New York

Every Joseph Fleischer wig and hairpiece is made by hand at our studio in New York using a meticulous technique in which each hair is affixed individually to a bespoke foundation.

This method of hand-tying and hand-knotting natural hair to a base, known in the trade as ventilating, produces a wig that perfectly emulates natural hair growth and patterns. A hand-knotted wig flawlessly imitates the appearance of natural hair follicles because every individual hair is affixed with its own knot.

We use only the finest quality, untreated, natural hair that is ethically sourced from around the world to be matched to any hair type.

We match and blend natural hair to detailed specifications to compose our made-to-order wigs and hairpieces.

The result of our exacting requirements are wigs and hairpieces that are the verisimilitude of a full head of hair.

Joseph Fleischer does not offer pre-made, machine-made, or ready-to-wear wigs or hairpieces.

Custom Made Just
For You

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    United States & International

    We serve clients throughout the United States and worldwide.

    Expedited Orders

    We can expedite orders from one week to 10 days, with no loss in quality or craftsmanship, when a wig is needed more quickly for any reason. We can make arrangements for immediate delivery and we ship throughout the United States and worldwide.


    Our studio is private and inconspicuous.

    Our sign and presence in the building is listed only as Joseph Fleischer. Our consultation room is a private space.

    We calendar one client at a time and our appointments never overlap. Your privacy is assured when you visit our studio.

    If you are unable to visit our New York studio for an appointment and fitting, a wig designer will work with you via mail, telephone, e-mail, video conference, or travel to meet with you in person.

    When we work remotely, we use photographs and hair samples from you and we will provide you with instructions to take precise measurements that will allow us to create a bespoke foundation and handmade wig remotely. We will send blended hair samples and materials to you for approval during the process.

    Please call us at 800-830-5464, or email to make an appointment.

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