Head Burn Custom Wigs

Head Burn Custom Wigs

by Joseph Fleischer

A handmade wig or hairpiece is created to integrate with existing hair and conceal solely the hair loss caused by burn scarring on the scalp.

Burns on the scalp from heat, chemicals, or sustained during military service may cause scarring which can result in hair loss on only the scarred portions of the scalp or over the entire head.

Scars from a head and scalp burn injury may produce an isolated section or multiple separate areas of hair loss.

Hair integration systems are handmade to cover only the the areas of the scalp affected by burn scars.

A bespoke wig will blend with natural hair while restoring the appearance of hair to only those areas of hair loss resulting from surgical scars.

Every wig and hair integration system is created by artisans and made by hand to tailor fit each client. A bespoke fit will ensure that burn scars are concealed and remain imperceptible.

We often work with military veterans to increase well­being and quality of life when entering civilian life after recovery from burns experienced during active service.

At Joseph Fleischer, we extend our expertise in wig design with care, compassion, and discretion.

Voted “America’s Best” by Forbes Magazine.

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