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Taking care of your hair in the winter requires a little more time and attention than it does in other months. Instead of resigning yourself to having dry and brittle hair, try these four easy steps and keep your locks in top shape this winter.

  1. Wash Your Hair Less – Washing dries out your hair. Combine that with the already dry and harsh winter weather, and your hair can really take a beating. Many stylists recommend washing your hair no more than two to three times a week, and some extremists say they only advocate washing hair once a week.


  1. Get Plenty of Vitamin C – Vitamin C is known for helping the body produce the protein collagen, which helps keep skin and hair healthy. Eat a diet that includes citrus fruits and dark leafy greens to get enough Vitamin C during the winter.


  1. Don’t Forget Conditioner – Wind and dry weather can make your hair feel dry and brittle during the winter, so it’s extremely important to use conditioner to rehydrate hair and restore moisture.


  1. Wear a Hat – Wearing a hat during the winter doesn’t just protect you from the cold. It also provides protection for your hair against the elements. A good hat can also help keep oils from being stripped from your strands, which is an important part of keeping your hair hydrated.



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