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Using Hair for Art

Artists use all different types of mediums to evoke emotion and feeling, but the one material that might just be the strangest is using human hair. And yet, these three artists have managed to create beautiful, interesting, and thought-provoking art using hair as a medium.



Adrienne Antonson – Adrienne Antonson is an artist based out of Seattle who found hair to be the perfect medium for a series on insects. Instead of using hair donations, she uses only her own hair and hair from her close friends and family to create her pieces. This, she says, makes her create art that feels more intimate.



Zaira Pulido – Columbia based artist, Zaira Pulido, takes a different approach to using hair for art by using the strands of hair that she collects as thread to create embroideries. These embroideries generally take the form of portraits of her close friends (made of their own hair, no less).



Janine Antoni – Unlike the other two artists we featured, Janine Antonio is a performance artist who uses her hair as a tool. In 1992, she performed “Loving Care” where she “mopped” a gallery floor using her hair as a brush and a bucket of Loving Care hair dye as paint.



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