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Trichotillomania is one of the lesser known forms of alopecia, and is a psychologically based compulsion that’s not completely understood. This isn’t hugely surprising, given that most compulsions aren’t fully understood by the medical community.

Unlike alopecia areata, trichotillomania is caused by a person pulling their hair so severely that it falls out. It also affects a much smaller section of the population – only about 4 percent worldwide. While trichotillomania is much rarer than other forms of alopecia, it’s still one that deserves attention. That said, here are three facts you probably didn’t know about one of the rarest types of hair loss.

1. Trichotillomania is four times more likely to affect women than men.

Doctors and scientists are still unsure as to why this happens, but trichotillomania is four times more likely to affect women rather than men. This may have something to do with the fact that alopecia that begins later in life tends to be seen more in women than men.

2. Most people only experience trichotillomania for 12 months or less.

Good news for people dealing with trichotillomania is that while some cases have been noted to be a life-long condition, the vast majority of cases only last less than a year. The hair pulling tends to begin and end within a twelve month period.

3. Stress is thought to be a major factor.

While the cause is still very unknown, stress is thought to be a major factor in trichotillomania. This is because stress is believed to play a large role in many other types of psychological compulsions. Finding ways to reduce and relieve stress can help people with trichotillomania fight the urge to pull out hair.



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