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Dealing with alopecia can be an isolating experience, even when you have a strong support system of family and friends around. It’s hard for people to commiserate when they aren’t sharing the same types of personal experiences that you are.

Luckily, we live in an age where information, advice and support is readily available through the Internet. And we say – put that wealth of information to use!

Here are our top 5 picks for the best information about alopecia:

1. Alopecia World

Alopecia World is a website that has user-generated blog posts, forums answering lots of questions about alopecia, photos, videos, a members area – and they even host events around the world. It’s really the most comprehensive listing of alopecia resources and community members out there, and the smaller groups can act as a great support system.

They also have a video section on Youtube from members of the site.

2. Alopecia Online

For information that’s more technical and medical based, along with updates and news on alopecia research, Alopecia Online is an excellent resource. They also have sections dedicated solely to kids with alopecia and teens with alopecia.

3. Alopecia Beauty Tips

Alopecia Beauty Tips is a first-person account of living with alopecia day to day and offers a host of helpful information about issues facing people with alopecia and beauty tips on how to look and feel great. Blogs posts like “How to exercise in your wig” offer helpful advice on how to combine the realities of living with alopecia with maintaining your everyday activities.

4. Women’s Hair Loss Project

Women’s Hair Loss Project is a site dedicated to females dealing with alopecia and features personal essays from individuals and a network of additional resources for members. The site was built was a way for women to share their stories and struggles of dealing with hair loss and users can submit their own personal experiences to share with others.

5. Alopecia Musings

Alopecia Musings is another first hand account of life with alopecia. Although not updated all that regularly, there’ still some great applicable advice on how to deal with the emotional aspects of having alopecia and building a life around it.

What blogs do you read to motivate and inspire you when alopecia gets you down? Leave us a note in the comments so we can add it to our list.



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