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With summer on the horizon, it’s a good time to switch up that hair color. There are a couple of important reasons why the beginning of summer is such a pivotal time to alter hair color, if you like it switch it up every so often. For starters, most people spend more time outside in direct sunlight during the summer, naturally lightening their hair color. Secondly, swimming in chlorine filled pools and spending time at the beach can also alter hair color – especially if your hair is already colored. Lastly, because many people spend multiple weeks away from their go-to hair stylist during the summer, finding a color that’s easy to maintain (no bi-weekly visits for touchups) is key.

With that said, here are the 4 most popular hair color hues for this summer. These colors will carry you through the summer and have you ready for Fall in no time.


1. Bronze Ombre – Ombre is making a comeback, but instead of the bold color contrasts of a few years ago, this one is much more tame and is perfect for brunette women with darker strands. The bronze color is lightly applied to the bottom of the hair strands, making it blend in to the darker hues on the top of the hair strands. This easy-to-maintain look gives your hair depth, but also looks like a natural lightening of darker strands and is perfect for summer.


2. Dark Caramel Blonde – Blonde will always be a popular color for summer, but if your hair is already a light brown, getting to that elusive light blonde color can be brutal on your hair. This summer, try a darker caramel blonde that lightens the hair without making it look unnatural. Model, Gigi Hadid, rocks this hue perfectly.


3. Pale Baby Blonde Highlights – For those who already have blonde locks (lucky you), add some summer depth by choosing pale baby blonde highlights. These highlights help bring some natural looking dimension to your strands and are great for blending in natural highlights from the sun.


4. Platinum Gray – If you really want to turn heads, opt for the seriously bold summer hair color: platinum gray. A combination of platinum blonde and the hugely popular gray trend, this color is both sophisticated and relaxed at the same time.




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