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We recently wrote an article about how to tie a headscarf, and it was so popular that we’ve decided to expand on it with a follow-up post. You see, Spring is just around the corner, and this Spring, scarves are going to be everywhere, so if you’re not in on the looks, you’re going to get left out. Since we already covered how to tie scarves in the last post, which you can read here, we’re going to talk about some more advanced scarf techniques in this post.

First, not all scarves are created equal. We’re not talking about the difference between a multi-thousand dollar Hermes scarf and a store-brand scarf from JCPenney – we’re talking about the material the scarf is made from. Try to stay away from scarves that are largely made up of spandex, rayon, and the other synthetic materials. Synthetics might be great for the outer layer of a jacket or a rain coat, but they don’t belong on your skin for a prolonged period of time. Natural materials like cotton or silk do a much better job of wicking away moisture and allowing fresh air to circulate down to your scalp. That will keep your head cooler, and irritate your skin less. Less irritation means better scalp health, and that’s always a good thing.

The next thing to think about when picking out a new headscarf is pattern. What’s in this spring? Retro! Bright colors and geometric patterns. Polka dots are always a good choice, especially when paired with a bold, in-your-face base color. If you want to kick things up even more, look for paisley and floral patterns – the brighter the better. And for a classic movie star look, you can’t go wrong with a nice, clean solid color. Things to stay away from? Pastels. If you’re going to make a statement, don’t pull back.

So what do you pair your headscarf with? The simpler the better. You don’t want to overpower people with too many colors and patterns and styles. In fact, the power of the headscarf is that it’s a great way to make otherwise simple outfits really pop. Pair with a simple, solid color shaped spring dress for a classic American look, or try jeans, a plain black shirt, and a leather jacket for the “I just rode my Vespa around Italy” attitude.



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