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When Apple came out with rose gold as a color for the iPhone, a lot of people who had never really thought of rose gold before started thinking. All of a sudden, it wasn’t just an interesting and unique option for costume jewelry. Rose gold hit it big.

Fast forward a few years, and all those people thinking about exciting new opportunities have come up with yet another awesome way to show off this underused color: hair. It seems strange to make the jump from niche jewelry to phone to hair, but that’s just the way our culture works, I guess.

Coinciding with a time when people are bored with traditional choices for hair color and when Instagram and Twitter are the new kings of tastemaking (does anyone actually read magazines for hair inspiration these days?), it makes perfect sense. Life imitating art, and looking absolutely gorgeous in the process. It’s the perfect look to get ready for Fall, and is guaranteed to be one of the hottest hair trends in the next few months.

“But that only works if you already have luxurious blonde hair!” you may be thinking to yourself. Not true! Sure, it may be easier to work some light pink highlights into already blonde hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do it. Brunettes, especially those with lighter hair, can take advantage too for a deep, layered look that draws people in with complexity and richness. And the extra warmth is sure to help in holding off the Fall chill.

Stylists recommend that you keep things light in front, and add depth and darkness as you work your way back to play up the modern look. And don’t be afraid to mix it up a little – rose gold can range from platinum blonde with hints of neon pink to deep auburn with caramel highlights and just a hint of red. This is a fun style, so you should feel free to have some fun with it.



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