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Pogs? Autographs? Beanie Babies? Hardly! There’s a new collectible craze, and this one is weirder than all of those put together. Just this month, a lock of David Bowie’s hair sold at auction for just under $20,000. Not only is that a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a hair clipping, it’s also the perfect beginning to a creepy new collectible trend: celebrity hair.

Now, it’s not out of the ordinary to pay a lot of money to buy something that used to belong to a celebrity – one of Prince’s guitars sold at the same auction for about $140,000. What’s strange about the hair is… well, what are you going to do with it?

I guess if you purchased enough locks of Mr. Bowie’s hair, you could make a perfect David Bowie wig to wear around. Unfortunately, at $20k per lock, it would take millions to put together a full wig you could actually wear. It’s possible you could display it somewhere, though we definitely wonder about the wisdom of displaying a celebrity’s hair openly in your home. You would likely get some weird looks.

The real question is will this trend of auctioning off celebrity hair lead to a rash of hair thefts among current celebrities. We can see paparazzi hiding out in bushes with a camera and a pair of scissors, just waiting for Beyoncé to come outside. It could be the next big celebrity stalking epidemic, and lead to the rise of protective helmets being the next big thing in hair fashion.

So what do you think, is celebrity hair going to turn into the next crazy collectible trend, or is this a one-off that will soon be forgotten?



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