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If you start losing your hair, but don’t want to accept the “bald is beautiful” mantra quite yet, what do you do? You could opt for a wig, or hair transplant surgery, or try one of those creams that’s advertised on late night television and in muscle car magazines. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could go for a head tattoo.

No, not one of those odd ones that show up perennially on “weirdest head tattoo” top 10 articles. We’re not actually suggesting that you get a dragon flying across your forehead, or make the back of your head look like a soccer ball or the death star. What we’re talking about is a new procedure called micro scalp pigmentation that can make your head look covered in hair using nothing but ink and patience.

Before you get too excited, no hair tattoo, no matter how clever or well done, is going to make you look like you have long flowing locks or a full, unmanaged mane. What micro scalp pigmentation does instead is use ink to create the appearance of hair follicles growing freshly-shaved hair. While that does limit your options a little bit, it also makes the “hair” look a lot more realistic, as you can tell from the photos. In fact, the illusion is so good that short of touching it, it’s almost impossible to tell that it’s a hair tattoo and not a full head of natural hair shaved down to the roots. And as a side benefit, your head stays nice and cool all summer.

So, have you gotten a hair tattoo or thought about it? Let us know in the comments!



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