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Every couple of months, it’s good practice to send your wig to the shop for maintenance. A professional can inspect your wig to see if it’s in need of normal maintenance or repair, which will keep your hairpiece looking great.

Aside from making your wig look like new, it will significantly increase the overall lifespan of your hairpiece. However, a lot of times people will ignore that step and assume that they can do just as good a job at maintaining their wig at home. Here’s why that can be a problem.

Cleaning Your Wig Can be Tricky

While washing your human hair wig isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, making sure the entire wig is clean is a little more difficult. After a summer of intense heat or humidity, sweat can get trapped inside and create odor. A professional will be able to use special products and has the experience to thoroughly wash and clean the hair strands, as well as the base, so that your wig is like new.

Human Hair Wigs Lose Sheen Over Time – The scalp produces oils that keep hair shiny and healthy. However, with human hair wigs, that sheen can wear off and needs some care to bring back that initial shine. Many people take their wigs to a licensed stylist to have sheen re-added. They can do this by using special products designed for human hair wigs to reinvigorate their shine and keep them looking like new. At Joseph Fleischer, we offer this service to our customers.

Extreme Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Wigs – Exposure to the elements, especially hot and humid weather, can make human hair wigs get frizzy or even damage the strands. It’s always a good idea to take your wig in for maintenance at the end of the summer and winter to make sure it stays in good shape.




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