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It’s a fact: hair in the winter time requires more work than any other season. Cold weather, snow, wind – all of the elements that contribute to a winter wonderland are also the same factors that make keeping your hair looking great a huge hassle. So what’s a person to do? You can start with these great four tips.

1. Dry Hair

Probably the most common winter hair complaint we see is dry hair. Winter weather can especially brutal for hair, with snow and lots of wind. This type of weather can dry hair out and strong winds can cause hair to tangle – even if you run outside for just a few minutes.
To keep your hair from drying out, you need to add some hydrating products into your beauty routine. If you rarely use conditioner during the summer and spring months, you may want to increase usage during the winter. This can help keep your hair moisturized, instead of being dried out by the weather. Also, oils like Moroccan hair oil can help keep your hair hydrated if you use it as a pre-styling product.

2. Hat Hair

We’ve all been there – it’s 20 degrees outside and snowing and you’re bundled up with a tight wool cap on your head to stay warm. But once you’re inside, you’ve got a whole new problem: volume-less hair stuck flat to your head from wearing a hat all morning. What’s a person to do?
To keep hair full of volume, even when you have to throw on a hat day in and day out, try packing a small bristled brush with you. When you take off your hat, shake out your hair and brush quickly, starting at the base of the scalp, to add some extra volume.

3. Static Electricity

Speaking of hat hair, hats are also notorious for another winter hair disaster: static electricity. Along with causing inadvertent electrical shocks every time you touch someone, it can also make your hair go crazy, with strands sticking out and flying everywhere. To help minimize this, try using a light hairspray sprayed on the bristles of a hair brush and then lightly brush it through your hair. This will help tame static hair.

4. Dandruff

A common effect of dry scalp during the winter season is dandruff. Dandruff is simply dead skin that peels off from your scalp. It’s normally caused by dry skin on your scalp, which means that a good way of preventing it is to keep your scalp moisturized. If you’re trying to get rid of dandruff, using a special shampoo or conditioner – even over-the-counter options can work well – is a good start. However, it’s also important to prevent dandruff by making sure your scalp and hair doesn’t dry out in the first place. Make sure you don’t get too much direct sunlight, as sun exposure can dry out skin. Also, switch to a moisture-heavy shampoo and conditioner to make sure that your skin and hair stays hydrated. And lastly, drink a lot of water so that your body stays hydrated. It’s no secret that drinking lots of water can help make your skin look great, and those goes for the skin on your head too.
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