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How to Choose a Hair Color: 3 Tips

Choosing the right hair color takes more than just going to the color aisle in your local hair care shop, closing your eyes, and pointing blindly at the shelves. The wrong hair color can make your skin look washed out and can leave you with a color that doesn’t look natural. When you’re ready to take the plunge, use these three tips to find the right color for you.

1. Skin Tone

Skin tone plays an enormous role in which hair color will best suit you. Celebrity stylist, Mark Garrison, says that a person’s skin tone tells you what tone their hair should be. Skin tone is divided into two types: warm tones and cool tones. People who have warm undertones look best with hair colors that are warmer, such as strawberry blonde and light browns. For cooler skin tones, colors like black or ash blonde will look great.

2. Eye Color

Eye color can also affect how natural a new color looks. A person’s eye color tends to complement their natural hair color, so cooler shades like dark brown, black, or gray work well with cooler hair tones. Likewise, green and hazel eyes look better with hair colors that feature warm tones.

3. Hair Color Pigment

As many people who dye their hair regularly know, a permanent color strips away your top color and brings out the natural pigments (or highlights) underneath. This is why going with a permanent color that complements your natural pigments will look more natural and last longer than it will if you go with a color that doesn’t complement it.



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