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As we age, our bodies go through changes. We lose muscle tone. Our hair loses its pigment and turns gray. And maybe most shockingly, our hair gets thinner. But, there’s a reason that hair thins dramatically as we get older. There are fatty acids that surround and protect the hair cuticles. The older we get, the more these start to dry out, which causes hair to look less shiny and become more frizzy. At the same time, the diameter of the individual strands of hair start to change and become thinner. This causes coarseness and breakage.

Even though these changes are natural and expected, handling your thinning hair isn’t always an easy thing to do. Here’s how to manage aging hair and make sure it stays healthy.

Stay Active

Increased circulation and blood flow isn’t just good for your muscles and your skin, it’s also important for a healthy scalp. Good circulation will help keep the hair tissue looking good and in good shape.

Eat Well

To make sure hair strands reach their full potential in terms of density and length, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is key. Choose foods that are high in protein for the best results. Also, a good vitamin regimen can help keep your hair and nails strong.

Calm Down

Stress doesn’t help with thinning hair, so try to relax and stay calm. Being stressed out can also cause your hormones to become out of balance, so finding activities that reduce anxiety and stress can go a long way.



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