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It’s been said that how you choose to wear your hair conveys everything from your personality type to what kind of mood you’re in. In fact, everything from color to hair texture to cut can make a statement about who you are and what you like. Even a study by a trichologist (someone who studies the science of the hair and scalp) found that how happy a person was with their hair had a direct correlation to how happy they were overall.

We did some digging and found out what most people think about the personalities of people with different hair cuts, colors, and styles.


Haircuts still play a big role in personal appearance, and small changes like adding bangs can have a seemingly big impact on how others perceive you. For instance, sideswept bangs make people think you’re more career-focused and professional. Blunt bangs make you seem like a high-fashion and trendy individual.

Hair Color

Bold color, like bright reds and platinum blondes, are seen as more quirky and confident than people who opt for less intense hues. An interesting note is that with the proliferation of people coloring their hair blonde, it’s no longer thought of as a more youthful color.

An additional study found that brunettes and darker hues were seen as more intelligent, approachable, and dependable. While redheads were seen as temperamental, blondes were viewed as needy.

Hair Length

Every year, a new hair length is in vogue, but people still find longer hair to signal that someone is more affluent and glamorous. Shorter hair is seen as signaling someone who is more fun, confident, and outgoing. Medium length hair, however, is thought to mean someone is intelligent and well-natured.

Hair Texture

Curly hair, as well as wavy hair, represents a low-key low-maintenance person. They’re also seen as more approachable and likeable. Straight hair is still seen as being more glamorous, while also giving off the vibe of being more serious and efficient.




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