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What is a Hair Shaft Defect?

Hair loss in children is a somewhat common occurrence that can happen because of many different reasons. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the precursors to hair loss, called hair shaft defects.

A hair shaft defect are often noticed early in life and look like abnormal hair growth and generally will only affect specific areas (like the nape of the neck) instead of the entire head. Rather than just being genetic, a hair shaft defect can also be acquired by external factors such as overprocessing hair and overuse of hair products and styling. When these types of physical hair defects occur, they’re often a precursor to hair loss.

Is there a way to treat a hair shaft defect?

Hair shaft defects caused by external factors like over styling can be helped by adopting a hair routine that doesn’t put so much stress on the hair follicles and the scalp. Specifically:

  • – Stop using straighteners, hair curlers and other types of heating devices that can be damaging to hair follicles
  • – Refrain from dying and overprocessing hair
  • – Make sure ponytail holders aren’t too tight, which can damage hair.
  • – Switch to a less harsh shampoo and conditioner




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