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Hair perfume sounds like one of those products designed and marketed solely for the purpose of selling something. If you wash your hair regularly, chances are your shampoo has some scent or fragrance, and keeps your hair smelling nice.

However, there have been studies recently that have shown that too much hair washing isn’t good for your strands, and can actually dry out your hair. This has prompted a boost in dry shampoos that help keep hair from looking oily, while requiring less shampoo and conditioner time.When you’re in between washes, it makes a little more sense to opt for a fragrance to keep your hair smelling as fresh as it looks. That’s where hair perfume comes in.
Here are our favorite three brands of hair perfume on the market.
You can’t go wrong with a classic like Dior, especially if you already wear Dior perfume. The similar fragrances will mesh perfectly without being too overwhelming.
Oribe’s hair refresher is a light, fresh scent that won’t overpower your everyday fragrance. Plus, it helps tame static and strands that stray to keep your hair looking and smelling great.
Sachajuan hair perfume is a bit different from the other fragrances we’ve mentioned, as their signature scent is much more dominating. That means that while the scent is great – sort of reminiscent of the outdoors with floral and cedar notes – it doesn’t pair well with a normal perfume. It also helps hair look and stay shiny and provides protection against UV rays.




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