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Five Hair Trends From Across America

As fashion-conscious and trendy style mavens, we always look at a few places when it comes to bringing you the latest and greatest in hair styles. We see what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, and at fashion shows in Paris and New York and Milan. But lately, we’ve been wondering if it isn’t time to branch out and start looking away from these overexposed centers and in our own backyard.
So with that in mind, we’ve scoured the country looking for inspiration for the next big thing in hair. After all, what could possibly be a better inspiration for your next do than the wild and wonderful and exotic and unique things that make this country really great? Where else should we turn to for inspiration but the amazingly diverse cultures and places that make us, us. So here are some great hair trends to try out this fall, with a special local flavor inspired by people and places across America.
Midwest: The Plait
The Midwest is a unique region known for politeness, common sense, and Scandinavian origins. They brought us the smorgasbord, the cornfield as an iconic symbol of Americana, and some of the best-known names in American culture. So from the Midwest, we get the plait – a stylized braid-within-a-braid. It’s complex and attention-getting, but in a modest and interesting way that doesn’t scream over-the-top. Try doing a single plaited braid on one side to really get an interesting effect that’s sure to draw compliments.
The Southwest: Simple But Stunning
The Southwest. Just those words alone immediately conjure up vivid images of stunning plateaus and cliffs surrounded by vast expanses. It’s a place you can go to feel free and light, to get lost in the grandeur of nature. For the southwestern look, we recommend simple, straight hair with a single brilliant accessory. A turquoise hair clip or beret would be perfect. Let the natural beauty of your own hair do the talking, and then draw the eye to a piece that makes it look all the more gorgeous by contrast.
The South: Aww, Shucks Hair
If there’s one thing we know about the south, they don’t stand for people getting too full of themselves. Having spent a good bit of time in the South, I can say with certainty that Southern charm is all about the girl next door, not the diva with the $400 haircut. This hair inspiration is all about short, fun, laid-back hair, and to match it with current hair trends, we recommend the “wob” – the wavy bob. It’s got girlish charm. It says “I’m approachable”. It’s interesting without trying to be the most interesting thing about you.
New England: Something In The Sea Air
There’s nothing like visiting New England, standing on the docks of an old fishing town, and watching the boats come in like they have since this country was founded. Yet despite the weight of history, New England and New Englanders never seem to take it all too seriously. That’s why our inspiration from the Northeast is a sea-swept razor cut. Sun and salt-streaked highlights optional. Add some movement to your hair and tousle it a little, like you’ve spent the morning racing sailboats in Newport or hauling in a heavy catch in Bar Harbor, and let the waves take you away.
The Mid-Atlantic: Elegant History
From Delaware to Virginia, the mid-Atlantic east coast has the heart of America from the original 13 colonies to today. There’s a wealth of history, and a tradition of elegance and understatement, so the classic trend of straight and slick hair rules. For the former, you’re channeling the power brokers that roam the streets of Washington DC. You don’t have time to mess with your hair, because you’re always dealing with three international incidents and a crisis or two. You wear your hair long and straight, safe in the knowledge that you can put it up into a bun when it’s time to roll up your sleeves, or let it hang loose and low to match your strapless evening gown.



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