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Our Favorite Hairstyles from Coachella

Coachella officially kicked off a few weeks ago in Indio, California. If there’s one can’t-miss music festival of the year, it’s Coachella, and this year was just as full of great music as it was in the past. One of the best parts of Coachella is the long days spent outdoors listening to great bands play; consequently, that’s also one of the worst, as Coachella is an event to see and be seen. Luckily, if you can keep your outfit on point, there are a few tried and true tips for keeping hair perfectly coiffed day in and day out.

coachella hair circular braid
The Circular Braid – Coachella attracts almost 200K music lovers every year, so you can expect crowds to be large and the weather to be warm. Because of this, up dos are almost universally considered to be your best bet. Throw it up, pin it in place and go hairstyles will stay put better when you’re jamming out to your favorite tune. The circular braid is perfect for this. Start by making large braids at the base of both sides of your head. Once you have long braids on both sides, twist them around the base of your head and up to the peak of your hairline, securing with bobby pins along the way. Spritz with a little bit of hairspray for extra hold and you’re good to go.
half up messy bun
Half Up Bun – Messy and tousled hair is an art form at Coachella, so while you want to put some effort into your ‘do, you also don’t want it to look like it took you five hours in a salon chair to achieve. That’s the beauty of the Half Up Bun. Take the top half section of your hair, as if you would if you were pinning half of it up. Use a small ponytail holder to keep in place. Next, take the top ponytail portion and twist it around into a bun on the top of your scalp. Hold in place with bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray.
braided pony tail
Braided Ponytail – If you’re noticing a theme for Coachella hair, then you’re right: braids are almost always a staple at the music festival. And it makes sense. Braids look great and are easy to maintain, but this Braided Ponytail is even better because it stands out and can hold its own through eight straight hours of dancing. Start by pulling hair into a French braid at the top of your head. Keep braiding until you reach the base of your neck, and then secure with a ponytail holder. Take the rest of your hair and curl it. Once finished, brush it out so that the strands below the braid are wavy. Spritz with holding spray to keep it looking volumized all day.


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