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Anyone who’s ever experienced alopecia knows that the social and emotional effects of the condition can make it difficult to deal with. A large part of that is feeling that no one else understands what you’re going through, which can push people into depression.

A great way to battle those feelings of isolation, though, are to find like-minded people who can help answer your questions, share experiences, and provide emotional support. Sometimes it’s difficult to find those people in-person, but the Internet has given communities a way to bridge the physical gap and connect regardless of where you live.

Here are four hair loss forums that provide great support and insight to the alopecia community.

1. Hair Loss Talk

Hair Loss Talk is a site for men and women to discuss hair loss, share their experiences and links to articles about hair research. There are separate individual forums for both men and women so that the discussions can be more tailored to each user’s experiences and needs.

2. Women’s Hair Loss Project

The Women’s Hair Loss Project is a forum designed solely for women who have alopecia or hair loss due to a medical issue. They also share information and studies related to alopecia research, as well as tips for finding hair-loss friendly stylists, and many other aspects of managing daily life with hair loss. They also coordinate in-person meetups and have many individual forums that encourage sharing your own experiences in order to create a better sense of community and understanding.

3. Bald Truth Talk

Bald Truth Talk isn’t solely for men’s hair loss – there’s a forum thread discussing women’s hair loss too – but it does cater mostly to male pattern baldness. They feature information and discussions on hair loss treatments, like transplants, as well as provide an area to “rant” if you’re having a particularly bad day.

4. Hair Loss Experiences

Hair Loss Experiences is primarily focused on gathering and sharing the individual experiences of people with alopecia and other types of hair loss. They also have a lot of off-topic discussions, such as traveling, where users can share tips about traveling and dealing with the everyday aspects of hair loss.




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