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People find all manner of ways to showcase their personality – from flaunting personal fashion to hair color, there’s a million and one ways to show individuality. Another way to do that is by donning crazy hairdos, like these people.

1. The Braided Bonanza

This style takes the simple braid to an extreme. With at least 17 rows of braids (and likely quite a few extensions), this is possibly the most intensive braiding we’ve ever seen.

2. Rainbow Dye Job

This person took color to an extreme with a rainbow striped dye. What’s even more impressive is that the colors work together perfectly when styled in a French braid.

3. Helicopter Hair

This style is more avant garde than the rest, but it needs some additional help to pull off. Hair is wrapped around thin cylinders and pinned into place, which is a bit time intensive, but will definitely turn some heads.

4. Animal Print Hair

If full on extreme color isn’t your thing, maybe a touch of animal print will do. This stylist got creative with her cut and color, creating a leopard print on the shaved section of the scalp.

What was your most extreme hairdo? Would you ever try any of these outrageous colors or styles out?



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