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Color Tips for Becoming a Redhead

Choosing a new hair color is a fun way to ring in the New Year. It’s even more fun when that new hair color is red, because while blondes may have more fun, redheads definitely attract more attention. However, before you schedule a session with your stylist, consider these color tips for becoming a redhead.

1. Choose a Hue Similar to or Darker Than Your Normal Color

Red can be a difficult hair color to pull off correctly. Because red colors tend to be lighter, applying a light red or auburn color on darker hair can skew the end color result. That’s why choosing a red hue that’s darker than your natural color can have better results. If you’re set on going for a lighter color than your natural hair, be sure to first test a small patch to see how the color comes out. Then, once you’re happy with the results, apply the color to your hair completely.

2. Red Hair Will Spotlight Your Face and Skin

Because red hair color is such a bright and illuminating hue, it invariably draws attention to the face and – more specifically – the skin. This can be great for people with pale skin, as red hair will add warmth and color to your features. However, it can also spotlight flaws. If you’re trying to draw attention away from wrinkles or skin blemishes, red hair can actually make them more prominent, so it’s something to consider before jumping on board with a new hair color.

3. Redheads Require More Maintenance

Whenever you dye your hair a bright, vibrant color, it’s going to take more time and work to maintain it. This definitely applies to red hair. Even permanent hair dye will require more frequent color touch ups, and will begin to fade more quickly than other hair colors. Using stylist recommended hair products for keeping hair hydrated and moisturized will help keep your color vibrant, as will frequent trips to your colorist to make sure your look doesn’t fade over time.


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