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Summer can bring along an intense heat wave – especially on the streets of New York. One way to battle the heat and stay comfortable during the summer is to switch to a summer-friendly haircut that’s light and airy.

Here’s some of our favorite trends to keep you cool during the hot months:

1. Blunt Bob

The bob is always a summer standby, since it’s short, trendy, and easy to style. But every year, there’s a new take on it, and this year is no different. Unlike last year, which saw the wavy bob, this year is all about the blunt cut to make the bob stand out more.

2. Layered Shag

Made popular this summer by Jennifer Lawrence, the layered shag is great for wavy hair with its just-above-the-shoulder cut and fun waves.

3. The “Lob”

Basically a longer version of the bob that hits between the chin and the shoulder, the lob is a way to get the benefits of a bob (lightness and low-maintenance), with more flexibility that comes with longer hair.

4. The Modern Bedhead

The traditional long-layered cut gets a makeover with a slightly shorter version that takes use of layers and waves to give hair a modern messy look. It’s also great for summer since it’s light and can be worn both down and in up dos.

What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? Let us know in the comments!




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