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There’s a lot of debate about whether synthetic hair wigs can measure up to the quality of human hair wigs. While they’re generally less expensive, there’s really no contest between the two – human hair wigs offer much bigger benefits than their synthetic counterparts.

Why is this?

Human hair wigs will always be more natural (since they’re made from real hair), which is a huge benefit. But there’s a few more bonuses to shelling out more for a high-quality human hair wig.

1. Human Hair is Much Stronger and More Durable

Synthetic hair isn’t nearly as durable as human hair is, and human hair offers the added benefit of being heavier, which makes it look and feel more natural.

2. Human Hair Gives a More Natural Appearance and Offers More Styling Options

Aside from holding more weight, natural human hair is going to look more natural because, well, it is natural. More importantly, since the hair is more durable and not restricted from heating options like a curling iron, you have more options for styling your wig.

3. They Last Longer Than Synthetic Versions

A human hair wig is an investment in your appearance and the way you feel. Even with a higher price tag, the longevity of a human hair wig (a few years on average) is a lot better than the typical lifespan of a synthetic wig (about 3-4 months depending on length and daily usage/treatment)

4. Human Hair Wigs are More Resistant to Heat

One of the most obvious benefits to choosing a human hair wig over a synthetic version is that the human hair’s resistance to heat allows you to take on more tasks while you’re wearing it without worrying about the individual hair fibers melting.

Choosing a wig is a big decision, and one that should be include thorough researching of the pros and cons of each type. We choose to only work with human hair because of the strong benefits it offers to its wearer – both in look, style, and durability. For more information on additional benefits of human hair wigs, contact us at 212-686-7701.



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