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We spend a lot of time on our blog talking about alopecia and other conditions that cause hair loss. Since we opened, we’ve spent a lot of time working with people with hair loss to bring back a sense of confidence and control into their lives with a great wig. But hair loss is far from the only reason you might want to rock a wig. Here are some more:

Take A Vacation From Yourself – Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. A vacation is always nice, but what’s even better is a vacation from yourself. Here’s how it works – you find a wig that’s as different from your usual style and personality as you can, put it on, come up with a secret identity, and go on a vacation as someone else. Come up with a back story, a new personality, new mannerisms, etc. Then go and do something that the regular you would never do.

Get A Professional Job Without Professional Hair – A friend of ours has had a mohawk for decades, and refuses to part with it. Since he works in a creative job, it’s not hurting his career mach. But what if he wanted to be an accountant? A well-made wig could let you keep your crazy weekend hair while still letting you ace job interviews. It’s the best of both worlds – you get to stay true to yourself without hurting your career options.

Fall In Love All Over Again – Even the most loving, committed relationships can stand a little variety sometimes. A wig, a new dress, and a romantic evening at a fancy restaurant can make you feel like you’re on the first date all over again. Bonus points – create a new fictitious identity to take your loved one out on a date with.

Become a Character – Like science fiction? Fantasy? Comic books? Go to conventions for any of these hobbies? Then you’re probably pretty familiar with “cosplaying” – dressing up as your favorite comic or tv show character for a convention. A great custom wig can be the crowning glory on a fantastic DIY costume, and a cheap costume-store wig could make even the most perfectly-sewed Sailor Moon suit look cheap.

Change Your Outlook – Sometimes, all it takes to change your outlook on life is changing one small thing about yourself. A high-quality wig lets you make a pretty radical change without being locked in to it like a haircut or plastic surgery would. It might not seem like the kind of thing that can give you a radical new perspective, but you might be very pleasantly surprised.

Hide From An International Spy Ring – You know too much, and now a secret international spy ring is after you. Sure, you can go with radical surgery and a brand new identity, but in our scientifically rigorous tests, a great wig is all you need.




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