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5 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Fall

Fall is almost upon us. While some people may hate the dwindling daylight and creeping chill, we get excited for all the new accessory options that Fall opens up for us. Our favorite? Scarves! The simple scarf opens up so many opportunities for nailing exactly the look you want that it’s hard to think of another accessory that’s as versatile or as much fun to mix and match. Of course, you can’t just wear any old scarf any old way! Not if you want to look like you’re up on all the latest trends, certainly. So here are our five favorite ways to wear a scarf for Fall 2016.

1. Into The Wild
Big, wooly, and beautiful are in in a big way. Think giant furry, fuzzy scarves and stoles, reminiscent of the mink stoles that were de rigueur when Don Draper was just starting out his advertising career. The advantage of a big, warm, chunky scarf is pretty obvious: it keeps you extra warm and lets you wear something smaller, lighter, and sleeker underneath. Pair big scarves with thin dresses and light jackets for a style that keeps you toasty but lets you pull off looks that would lead to hypothermia otherwise.

2. Take A Bow
It’s doubtful that the ascot, that strange hybrid of scarf and tie for men, is coming back any time soon. Scarves tied in a bow for women, on the other hand, are here and looking amazing. A thin scarf, silk if you can get it, tied in an elegant loose bow and hanging down a little is about as classy as it gets, and harkens back to a simpler, more elegant time. It also adds a lightness that works wonders to counteract the season’s gloominess.

3. Puffing out
Just when we had thought we’d seen it all when it comes to scarves, Balenciaga does what they do best and gives us a delightful surprise. The puffy scarf is new, it’s clever, it’s warm – it’s everything a scarf should be. And because it hasn’t been done before, you’re open to really making it your own. It’s rare that we get the opportunity to jump in on a trend so early that no one is quite sure what it’s supposed to look like. Take this opportunity to really flaunt it!

4. Here’s The Skinny
Scarves tend to be bulky and masculine. Not so with the skinny scarf. Wear it tight around your neck and be proud to show off our femininity to the world. Look Fall right in the eye and say “I will be warm, but I will NOT look like I’m setting out for the Arctic to do it!” The skinny scarf might not be super practical for later in the season, so get in there now and wear it proud.

5. Mini Scarf, Mega Style
Coming hot on the heels of the skinny scarf is the mini neckerchief. It’s simple, it’s casual, and it makes you look like the heroine from a movie set in the 1950’s taking a tour of Italy where a handsome stranger tries desperately to woo you. It’s elegant, without being snobby. Romantic, without being soppy. Casual, without looking sloppy. Pair one with a bright headscarf and you have a look Audrey Hepburn would have died for.



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