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5 Ways to Tame Short Hair This Summer

Short hair may be perfect for keeping cool in the summer, but it can create its own problems when it comes to styling and making sure that your hair strands stay tame and look great all day long. To battle the summer heat and humidity, use these five tips for taming short hair during the summer sun.1. Keep a travel sized styling cream in your bag at all times. Sometimes flyaways can happen – especially if you style your hair in the mornings and need it to last all day. If the weather is particularly hot, you hair can get frizzy. Keeping a styling cream with you at all times can ensure that you never have a bad hair moment during the day.

2. Make bobby pins more useful by spraying a dry shampoo on the insides before using them to pin back hair. Because short hair can be more difficult to stay put in bobby pins, the additional texture from dry shampoo helps create more friction which helps bobby pins stay in place.

3. Embrace the beach wave – even when you’re not near the ocean. Mix seltzer water with a bit of sea salt in a spray bottle. Spray in hair and scrunch strands with your hand to get perfect “I was just at the beach” waves all summer long.

4. Keep shorter hairs out of your face by braiding them down the side of your face, creating a sort of braided hairband. This is a simple way to style short hair and an easy way to keep it in place without the use of hair accessories or bobby pins.

5. If you don’t have any hair cream when you’re out and about, use a small dab of hand lotion to help reduce frizz or flyaway strands. Just be sure to apply on the bottoms of the strands, instead of at the root, since that will make your hair oily.



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