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This year’s Grammy Awards became water cooler talk around the country for many reasons: Beck’s upset victory for the top award, Taylor Swift’s complete snub, and Kanye West being Kanye West. But that’s just general Grammy Awards nonsense. What’s REALLY interesting about the Grammy’s is the hair. Yes, the hair. More than any other prominent pop culture group, musicians really love pushing their hairstyles to the absolute limit, inspiring the rest of us to try something a little different.

So with such a great range of styles to choose from, it can be difficult to pick out the five best do’s. Still, we gave it our best, and narrowed down the field to the five best styles of the evening. Here they are, in no particular order:


  1. Iggy Azalea
    Coming off of a tumultuous year of hit singles and twitter feuds, Iggy Azalea reminds us all that she really is the queen. She might not have won any awards in 2015, but she nevertheless managed to look classically regal. This was a great choice from a rap phenomenon who has spent the last few months trying to make people understand that someone could be a rapper, could love hip hop, and be a part of the culture, without looking anything like what people expect a rapper to look like. Her crown of braids is just another exclamation mark on that belief.


  1. Sia
    Channeling her inner Bjork, singer-songwriter Sia showed off the power of a well-made wig to make a killer statement. After being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, the Australian entertainer experienced significant hair thinning and hair loss, but refused to let that get in the way of being a fully-fledged rock star, instead turning to a series of ever more over-the-top wigs. Even though she says she is making a full recovery, the wigs have stayed, and we’re glad they have.


  1. Katy Perry
    No list of Grammy hair would be complete without the violent…er…violet locks rocked by Katy Perry. Perry is no stranger to over-the-top style, and it was good to see her in fine form and having fun with her personal style at an event where too many people try too hard to go for the stuffy “Look at my classic designer gown and perfect perm” look. Katy gets on the list for the sheer exuberance of her wild purple do.


  1. Frankie J. Grande
    No round-up of fantastic Grammy hair would be complete without Ariana Grande’s older half-brother Frankie. We know he takes his hair seriously because he matched his entire Grammys outfit to it, wearing a red and gold jacket to match his red and gold hair. Now THAT is dedication to hair.

Annie Lennox

  1. Annie Lennox
    Annie Lennox gets a special mention not because her hair is a picture of perfection, but because she decided a long time ago that what she says (and sings) is more important than what’s on her head, and has been faithfully following that philosophy ever since. It takes a strong belief in yourself to say “I don’t care what my hair looks like, I’m going to the Grammys looking like I always do!” Confidence is always in style.



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