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Winter’s coming fast, and before it hits you should make sure that you know how to keep your wig in great condition. Winter weather can be rough on human hair wigs, so it’s important to take precautions to make sure it stays in great condition. These four wig maintenance tips will ensure your wig looks and feels great all winter long.

1. Keep Your Wig Moisturized

Winter weather can make your human hair wig dry and even brittle if you’re wearing it outside often. Luckily, this is nothing a little moisturizing won’t cure. Use a special moisturizer for human hair wigs (give us a call, and we’ll help you find something!) once a week to keep hair strands soft and in great shape.

2. Never Leave Home in a Wet or Damp Wig

If you’ve just washed or conditioned your wig, make sure it’s completely dry before wearing it outdoors – especially if it’s cold outside. The reason is because the human hair strands on your wig can freeze and break if they’re wet. Always let your wig dry fully before wearing it out.

3. Choose the Right Headwear

Before heading outside in your wig, check the weather. If snow or rain is heading your way, choose a scarf to cover your head, followed by a thick hat to keep precipitation at bay. Because winter hats tend to be made from thick, scratchy fabrics (think: wool), it’s important to keep a layer in between hat fabrics and your wig, hence wearing a headscarf underneath.

4. Detangle Wig Often

If you do happen to get caught out in bad weather like snow or rain, make sure to detangle your wig as soon as you get home to avoid damage. Use a comb and gently work through tangles from the ends of the hair strands up to the base of the wig.



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