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Vacation planning doesn’t just include making reservations, booking plane tickets, and packing up your bags. Depending on where you’re headed, it can also mean meticulously planning out outfits, accessories, and even hairdos.

Vacation hair should always be casual and fun, but sometimes you need to step it up a notch for a dinner at a nice restaurant or an upscale lounge. In those situations, turn to one of our vacation worthy hair ideas to create a casual – but pulled together – style.

1. Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is a great option if you need a look that will transition from day to evening with little maintenance. Simply take a lock of hair from the side of your forehead and braid it halfway down (or until you reach the back of your head). Tie the end of the braided area with a small hair band to keep it in place. Next, gather the remainder of your hair into a ponytail (including the braided piece). Run some texture cream through the strands for more volume. For a quick transition to evening, secure a few flowers in the hairband.

2. Top Bun


Wavy and high volume hair looks great down, but can get an instant elegant boost by throwing it up into a top bun or a top knot. Pull hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head. Twist ponytail and wrap hair around the base of the ponytail. Secure with a hair band. Finally, pull a few strands out in the middle and on the ends to create a more casual look. For extra hold, keep in place with a few bobby pins.

3. Hair Loop


First debuted on last year’s Fashion Week runway, the twisty loop has become a go-to hairdo for an elegant hairstyle with a little bit of funk. It only takes five minutes to create, is simple enough for daytime lounging at the beach or the pool, and sleek enough to work in semi-formal evening environments. Use a light gel to part hair and pull into a low ponytail. Next, twist hair until tight and fold in half keeping the ends pointed up. Secure the end of the loop inside of the hair band leaving 2-3 inches stick out above. Fan strands out slightly and keep in place with gel.

4. Messy Bandana Bun


A perfect lounging hairdo, the messy bandana bun is as great a look for poolside as it is for lunch and cocktails. To start, pull hair back into a ponytail in the middle of your head. Make sure to not place it too high, or the bandana won’t fit correctly. Same thing goes if you make your ponytail too far down on the base of your neck. Next, wrap the ponytail strands around the base of the ponytail and secure with a hair band and a few bobby pins, if needed. Finish it by wrapping a head scarf or bandana around the base of your neck and tying into a knot on top.



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