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4 Hairstyles to Try

If celebrity red carpets are to be trusted, hair is all about long, natural looking hair that gives the impression of being free of product, wind blown, and slightly messy – without looking too unkempt.

1. The Low Ponytail – The low ponytail is almost exactly what you think it would be – a version of the standard ponytail, tied low at the nape with shorter hairs in the front left out of the hair band for a loose, wispy look. To make sure it stays that way, it’s a good idea to add in a few bobby pins by the hair in the back to ensure that it stays in place all day.

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2. Fishtail Braid – The fishtail braid has been worn by a ton of celebrities lately, including Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian. The end goal is a casual, super textual braid that looks great if you’ve got long hair. For a detailed tutorial with photos, check out this blog: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2011/09/how-to-style-a-fishtail-braid-.html

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3. The Sicilian Twist – One of our favorites this year, the Sicilian Twist requires some accessories – namely, a silk head scarf. To get started, roll up the scarf and tie around head, ending at the base of the neck, similar to wearing a headband. Then, loosely twist up the hair inside the perimeter of the scarf and use bobby pins to secure in place. Don’t worry about getting it too perfect – the beauty is in the slightly touseled look.

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4. Side Swept Knot – The side swept knot is a great way to pull off an elegant and polished look without a lot of work. That’s likely what it’s graced the red carpets of some of the most high profile events in Hollywood recently. To pull this look off, brush hair to one side, twist into a bun and secure in place. Pull a few wisps out around the face to complete the look.

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