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It’s no secret that messy buns are one of our favorite updo’s for all seasons. Seriously. It works great in the Spring and Summer, and paired with the perfect accessories, it’s ideal for Fall and Winter too. Here are four accessories that will help you transition your messy hair buns from Summer to Fall.

  1. Bun Pin – Bun pins are hair accessories that are specifically designed to sit snugly on top of a bun in order to dress it up. Messy buns are supposed to be a little wispy and not focused on having every hair in its place. But, by adding a bun pin, you can make a messy bun more appropriate for evenings out or even formal occasions.
  1. Vintage Chignon Comb – Chignon combs are designed partly for fashion and partly for function. They come in casual styles, but we prefer more stylish models – preferably vintage. Search online for vintage chignon combs, and you’ll find tons of great styles that will perfectly accent a messy bun. Our favorite is tortoise shell, which goes with all types of hair textures and colors. Put your hair up, and quickly pop the chignon comb into the side, and it will work to help hold your bun together, as well as provide a beautiful accent.
  1. Floral Scarf – For a casual up do, try tying a floral patterned silk scarf around your messy bun. Tie it on the side or underneath the bun for a more put together look that’s perfect for grabbing a quick lunch or shopping with your girlfriends.
  1. Bow Pin – One of our favorite new ways of wearing a messy bun is by adding a bow pin underneath. A bow pin is similar to a bun pin, but usually made of fabric and looks like a bow tie. Simply snap it into place just underneath the bottom of your messy bun, right above the base of your neck, and your messy bun transforms to a glamorous hairstyle immediately. You can easily use a bow pin to create an elegant up do – just make sure to choose the color and style of your bow pin wisely.




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