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3 Weird Feats of Hair Strength

It’s probably not surprising to most people that hair is actually quite strong. A single strand can hold up to 100 grams of weight, which is about .2 pounds. Take into account that a single person can have up to 150,000 strands of hair on their head, and that’s about 33,000 pounds worth of lifting power from a full head of hair. Most people wouldn’t think twice about that, but some are taking advantage of their hair strength to perform some pretty amazing feats.

1. Asha Rani and Her Iron Hair

An Indian woman, Asha Rani, holds four Guinness World Records for strange feats using her ears, teeth, and eye sockets. Now, she can add one more to the list: pulling a double decker bus with only her hair. Using two braids intertwined with fabric, she tied herself to the front to a traditional London double decker bus and pulled it (along with 32 passengers inside) on Guinness’s Italian TV show in front of a live audience. See the video of her pulling it off here.

2. Chris Rider Lifts 300lbs with Only His Hair

Chris Rider is a professional strongman – yes, you read that right – who also goes by the nickname “Haircules”. He uses his long locks to lift all kinds of things, including 300 pounds of massive free weights, which he lifts fairly easily about six inches off the ground. Watch him in action here.

3. Joanna Sawicka Hangs From Her Hair

If you really want to find some fancy feats of hair strength, you don’t need to look further than the circus. Joanna Sawicka works with the Circus of Horror as a professional hair hanger, which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Sawicka uses her hair to hang from a rope and perform acrobatic acts mid-air. It’s not easy keeping your hair in tip top condition for something like that, so she goes through an intensive daily routine to keep her hair strong enough to lift her weight.



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