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There have been a lot of kooky gadgets over the last few years, especially since technology is still advancing at a breakneck speed. But sometimes gadgets cross the line between being useful to being just a little… strange. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) in Vegas is where a lot of these products are first introduced to the world. And this year’s gadgets didn’t disappoint. Here are three weird accessories gadgets that you may start seeing on shelves soon.

1. iGrow – There were not one, but two, gadgets that debuted as the Consumer Electronics Show this month that focused on using FDA approved technology to help stimulate the growth of hair follicles. The iGrow machine is one of them. The football helmet shaped device sits on top of your head and has built in headphones. According to the site, if used consistently over a 12-16 week period, men and women can see improvements in hair growth.

2. Smart Shoes – We’ve seen smart shirts and even smart socks debut over the last few years, so why wouldn’t we want to extend technology to the rest of our closet by picking up a pair of the newest smart technology – smart shoes. These shoes by Zhor Tech – French technology company – come with a phone app that helps you manage the temperature inside of your shoes (to keep your feet comfy). And, they even monitor how many steps you take.

3. Connected Bangle Bracelets – San Antonio based WiseWear has tried to merge fashion and technology with a line of bangle bracelets that can monitor and track physical activity, alert you to calendar appointments, texts, and emails on your phone, and send out distress signals if you’re in an emergency through pre-set taps on the jewelry.



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