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Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs from applying pulled force to the hair – usually through wearing hair accessories and some hairstyles that pull excessively on the scalp. Traction alopecia is usually seen around the hairline, where the hair loss can make the hairline recede or even result in patches of hair loss around the hairline. Other symptoms of traction alopecia include headache, and burning and itching on the scalp.

The good news is that traction alopecia can be stopped and will usually go away once you get rid of whatever is causing the pulling force on the hair. Here are three ways to ease the effects of traction alopecia.

1. Change Your Hairstyle

Often, traction alopecia is caused by wearing your hair in a ponytail that’s too tight or hairstyles, like braids, which pull hair and create tension on the scalp. Wear your hair in a loose hairstyle or down for a few weeks to relieve the stress on your scalp.

2. Replace Ill Fitting Hats or Helmets

Hats that are too small or don’t fit properly can create tension on the scalp, which can create pull on the hair, resulting in traction alopecia. The same goes for sports helmets, like bike helmets or football helmets, which can do the same thing if they don’t fit properly. Check hats and other types of headgear to make sure that they are comfortable and fit snugly without being too tight.

3. Avoid Tight Rollers, Curling Irons, and Other Hair Styling Tools

Styling tools that pull hair can exacerbate traction alopecia and make it difficult for hair to regrow. Avoid using tight hair rollers, curling irons, flat irons and other types of styling tools that are stressful on the hair and scalp.




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