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December is the season of parties and events, which means you have to always look your best. And to do that, you need to make sure you have your human hair wig maintenance planned out perfectly. This season, keep these tips on hand to make sure your wig is in perfect party condition.

1. Schedule maintenance before major events

At Joseph Fleischer, we offer maintenance on all of our human hair wigs. Just be sure to schedule in advance, since the holidays can be a busy time of year. If you’re out and about in winter weather (especially in New York!), your human hair wig can really take a beating. Making sure you get it properly cared for before all of your parties and invites begin to trickle in can ensure that it looks great for all of your upcoming events.
In fact, this is the reason many of our customers have two wigs – so that you can have one wig to wear while the other is being cleaned or styled. By always having a backup wig, you can reduce stress and not worry about being in a rush for wig maintenance.

2. Buy and Use a Wig Stand

If you don’t already have one, purchase a wig stand. A good wig stand will help make sure that even when you aren’t wearing your human hair wig, it’s stored properly and will help keep hair strands from getting tangled, like they would if your wig was tossed on a nightstand or counter. A wig stand will also allow the hair to breathe, which keeps odors and bacteria at bay.

3. Keep Away From Heat

Heat can do a lot of damage to human hair wigs, so it’s important to remember to keep it away from hot areas, such as kitchen stovetops and ovens. If you’re at home, don’t cook while wearing your wig. Instead, store it properly in a cool, dry area of your home. When you’re out at an event, try not to stand near heaters or other appliances that can generate a lot of heat, as it can dry out strands and cause damage to your wig.



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