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With the holidays right around the corner, you might want to start adding a little festivity to your outfits. But staying fashionable while being festive isn’t always so simple. If you choose the wrong accessories and wardrobe pieces, you might go overboard and end up looking hokey instead. Here are five tips to help you integrate holiday themes into your wardrobe, while still looking chic and fashion forward.

1. Focus on Colors Rather Than Patterns

Patterns can be a little too overt during the holidays, so often it’s better to choose colors that are representative of the holiday you’re celebrating. Being more subtle with holiday colors also provides much more functionality in your wardrobe, because a red shirt can always be paired with a black skirt or blue jeans for different times of the year.

2. Choose Accent Pieces with Holiday Inspiration

If you absolutely must have patterns, showcase them in small amounts. Instead of grabbing a vest or sweater that features holiday characters on it, opt for printed accessories that can bring a pop of color and inspiration, such as a tie, a small handbag, or shoes.

3. Dress it Up with Jewelry

Adding themed holiday jewelry is an easy (and cost effective) way to make your outfits more festive during the holidays. They can be worn year after year, and it allows you to keep your closet full of basics that can be worn year round, without having to purchase trend pieces that will only be appropriate for a few weeks or months of the year.




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