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The spring fashion season is in high swing (despite the fact that we’re still getting covered in record amounts of snow!) That means new looks, and fresh new hair inspirations. But unlike years past, this year brings nothing but good news to hair aficionados. No more complicated structure or expensive product. This year, the theme is “simple individuality”. Here are our top three favorite hair trends, straight from the runway!

The Low Knot

It wasn’t so long ago that big, high buns ruled the day. This spring, however, the buns have migrated down and have gotten simpler and easier to do at home. It seems like after years and years of getting even-crazier, runway stylists have finally figured out that some women might just want to try some of their hairstyles at home without hiring a professional team.

The trick to this knot is to place it at right around the nape of the neck. After that, make it as clean or messy as you want. Want to spice up a staid office outfit? Add a little distress to the ends. Need to make a casual outfit look more dressy? Do the opposite and coil the bun tight, with no loose hairs to be seen.

Wigs Are IN!

This might be the one we’re most excited about, for obvious reasons. No longer something worn out of necessity or to disguise your identity from spies, wigs made a big showing at the various spring fashion events. Whether it was complete transformations, going from blonde to black hair perhaps, or just part wigs to make bangs (another continuing trend) where there were no bangs before, wigs are definitely cool.

Glam, Glitter, and Accessories

Boy clothes for girls are back, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your femininity entirely. This year, funky and feminine hair accessories are here in a big way. From tiaras to braided gold wire to extravagant coronets and pins, the thing to do is to give your hair a little more personality with a crazy add-on. Plus their temporary and removable nature means you can go from business to party with just a few clips.


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