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Hair extensions have gotten a bad rap over the years. But there’s a reason why so many people – celebs included – opt for extensions every once in a while. We’re past the days when hair extensions were heavy, bulky, and difficult to put in. These days, there are lighter weight extensions, and better processes for putting them in and taking them out which minimizes damage to your natural hair. There’s also a wider variety of quality extensions that are made from human hair, so that extensions look and feel like part of your actual hair.

But aside from the quality, here are three more reasons why hair extensions can be a fun accessory to try.
  1. They Give Your Hair More Volume – Plenty of women try all types of products that promise to increase hair volume, but what better way to achieve that than by actually adding volume through more hair? Hair extensions can give you that perfect, beautiful voluminous hair you’ve always wanted.
  1. Test Out New Looks – Because hair can take a while to grow, experimenting with new looks can be pretty daunting. Hair extensions give you the option to test out long hair looks and styles without having to fully commit to one. Note: we only suggest choosing clip-on extensions, as extensions that are sewn in can cause alopecia.
  1. Easy to Style – Extensions can be treated very similarly to real hair, and so they’re easier to style. If you’ve been dying to try an updo that you saw in an Oscar’s photo, hair extensions can work well for creating intricate hairdos.

At Joseph Fleischer, we make the highest quality custom hair extensions available. Give us a call to find out how we can create the perfect custom human hair extensions for you.




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