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One of the first questions we tell people to ask themselves when purchasing a wig is “What expectations do you have for your wig?”, and oftentimes we hear customers say that they want something that looks very natural. Human hair wigs are far more natural looking than synthetic wigs, because they’re obviously made from real human hair. But there are more in-depth reasons why human hair wigs look far more natural than others. Here’s why.

1. Human Hair Has a Different Feel

Human hair wigs have strands that are much more fine than synthetic wigs, which use synthetic fibers to create strands of hair. Synthetic fibers are generally much more coarse, as opposed to the softer strands on human hair wigs. This makes it much more difficult to tell if it is your natural hair or a wig, since it is not immediately detectable from the texture.

2. Human Hair Reacts Differently to the Elements

A lot of times synthetic wigs look the same all the time. That’s not the case with human hair wigs – they can get windblown and even frizzy at times, depending on the weather and other external factors. This is good, though, because this makes a human hair wig look like your natural hair. Synthetic hair might stay in place more rigidly, but because of that it lacks that natural look.

3. Human Hair Has More Dimension in its Color

Human hair wigs can be easily colored by a trained, professional stylist because human hair soaks up color well and can show dimension. While synthetic fibers can be dyed, they usually end up with a flat looking color; however, unlike human hair wigs, the color will stay permanent much longer while human hair wig strands can fade.




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