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3 Future Trends of Hair Salons

Hair salons and barber shops have long been neighborhood traditions with a very established way of operating. In fact, sometimes they’re seen as a cornerstone of a neighborhood – where people congregate with their neighbors and catch up on local news and gossip. But the salon of the future looks like it will have a completely different look and function.

Here are three trends that are destined to forever change the way we see hair and beauty salons.

1. Salons Will Become Greener

More than ever, people are concerned about how eco-friendly the products they’re using are, not only because of health concerns, but environmental ones as well. Knowing whether products have been tested on animals and what types of ingredients they’re made from are common questions that are being asked more than ever. This growing consumer concern is going to help make salons turn to greener products and procedures.

2. Mobile Beauty Stations

With employees working longer hours than ever, and with less leisure time available to people, mobile beauty stations are rising in popularity. Can you imagine scheduling an appointment, leaving your office to walk a block and pop into a mobile salon for a quick cut and color? It’s already happening in some locales around the country, and it’s due to be a bigger trend over the next few years.

3. Robotic Salons

Would you trust a robot to perform basic salon duties, like washing your hair? It’s already being tested after Panasonic built a hair washing robot to be used in salons in 2010. If hair washing can be automated, it’s possible that lots of other aspects of the salon experience can be automated too, such manicures, pedicures, or even simple haircuts.




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