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Ever since Hermes made silk scarves the height of luxury accessories in the mid 1800s, women have been donning them around their neck to complete their outfits and add a little bit of luxury to everyday outfits. But, scarves can do so much more. Instead of tying them around your neck, try wearing them in one of these three ways the next time you pull one out of your closet.

scarf-belt (1)

  1. As a Trendy Belt

We know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t your typical tie on the side makeshift belt. This is a belt that could work well with a conservative pair of black pants and a crisp white button down. It only requires a few folds of the scarf, and it even ends up with a cute loop knot in the front.

scarf-handbag (1)

  1. As a Handbag

One of our favorite ways to wear a silk scarf is to tie it into a small handbag. No, really! It’s possible. While you may not want to throw all of your handbag essentials in there (we are talking about silk, after all), it’s not a bad option if you need an extra bag in a jiffy.

scarf-ascot (1)

  1. As an Ascot

The perfect way to dress up a business suit sometimes is with a fun accent, and few things work better than an ascot. An ascot is technically a broad silk necktie and can be worn by both men and women. However, with a few tricks, you can easily turn a simple silk scarf into a colorful printed ascot.




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