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The finest bespoke wigs and hairpieces individually hand-crafted by Joseph Fleischer are the ultimate hair loss solution.

Designed exclusively for each client, a bespoke wig or hairpiece restores confidence by providing the appearance of an impeccable full head of hair.

Millions of men, women, and children cope with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, hypothyroidism, or genetics.

Enduring hair loss and hair thinning is a stressful experience. Feel normal and comfortable again with a custom wig created to match your authentic hairstyle and hair type, or an entirely new look composed just for you.

At Joseph Fleischer, we promise empathy, compassion, and unparalleled artistry in our craft. We are dedicated to creating wigs and hairpieces that restore well-being through perfection and detail. With a century of experience in wig design, Joseph Fleischer offers matchless expertise and unrivaled competence in handmade bespoke wigs and hairpieces.

Voted “America’s Best” by Forbes Magazine.

handmade by artisans

A custom wig is ventilated and hand-tied using only natural human hair blended and matched to individual specifications. Wig designers are professional artisans with many years of experience and training. Any desired hair color, hair texture, hair density, haircut, and hairstyle can be achieved with their skills and the use of the finest materials.

A wig or hairpiece handmade from natural human hair requires a level of care similar to that of regular hair care. Your wig designer will teach you how to properly care for your wig at home. We also offer our wig service department for any wig care, maintenance, and repairs in person, or by mail.

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